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I take a deep breath and continue down the darkened path, gripping my rifle until my knuckles turn white, ready to fire at anything that made the slightest movement or sound.

Running wasn’t an option, so I had to fight my way out. Survival can make a man do things he would never consider. I felt I could see better in the dark and my ears were able to pick up the slightest noise. My senses were heightened, almost animalistic in nature. For every 10 steps, I would turn around to check; better safe than sorry as there is no room for mistakes.

Zero Latency - Dark Corridor
The silence can be deadly

And then I hear it, the throaty growl, similar to the noise one would make if they lost their voice, but this was inhuman. I aim my rifle at the source of the sound. I walk slowly to it. I fire once, twice, aiming for the head, I lose count and before I know it more of these creatures are running at me. It’s mayhem but I don’t flinch.

“I’m not dying today!” I shout.

“OMG! This is so cool!” I exclaim as I took off the goggles. And I am back in the warehouse once more, in the comfort of the suburbs of Melbourne, Australia where just seconds ago I was in a government facility fighting horde of zombies.

Play by yourself or with a group of 6

The entire space is not big, measuring 400 square metres, but the sensors that you wear throughout the game will alert you if you are getting too close to the walls. Having said that, the virtual space is bigger and make you think that you are in a vast environment. Besides the backpack, there are also goggles and headphones that you are required to wear throughout each 45-to-50-minute session.

The rifle is quite heavy – not that I’ve ever handled a weapon before, but I was told the weight was to simulate that of real-world weapons to make the experience as realistic as possible. The rifle comes in two modes: assault and shot gun mode. With assault mode, the rifle is fully automatic, including a pump action grenade launcher. While in shot gun mode, get your enemy close as possible for brutal close-quarter combat.

Zero Latency - The assault rifle
Keep calm and just fire

There was one particular moment that I will always remember. It was crossing from one building to another via a very narrow beam. I looked down and saw darkness. My brain knew it was virtual reality but my senses were telling me otherwise. I slowly made my way across, step by step, inching my way to the other side while my palms felt cool from the sweat that began to form.

I was mentally patting myself once I reached the other side when I turned around and saw a herd of zombies rushing towards me. I instinctively activated the assault mode on my rifle and started firing grenades at the make-shift bridge, bringing everything down.

Zero Latency - Posing with assault rifle
This is what a zombie slaying warrior looks like

The game master asked whether I played this before since I made it look so easy. I just replied that I am a zombie fan and years of playing Resident Evil and watching countless hours of The Walking Dead have prepared me for this.

Am I ready for an actual zombie apocalypse? Hell ya!

22-32 Steel St, North Melbourne, Victoria 

Tickets: $88 per person
Number of players: Up to 6 players but single players do it solo
Operating hours: Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday
Zero Latency

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