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5 Fab Reasons Why You Deserve a Bath Bomb Dip & How to Make Them

#TreatYoSelf is not just a hashtag popularised by US comedy series Parks & Recreation – it is also a legit life motto for a lot of us who know that we deserve to treat ourselves with the good stuff every now and then. 

Aside from shopping for a new pair of shoes or indulging in a fancy-named meal that is neither breakfast nor lunch, there’s another well-proven #treatyoself outlet that is simply divine – bath bombs! Although bath bombs were invented 20 years ago, they’ve only started becoming da’bomb in the last few years. At the forefront of this trend is UK-based cosmetics brand Lush, which is no surprise since the company’s co-founder is the one who invented these delightful concoctions.

Just try searching the hashtag #bathart on Instagram where there are thousands of videos, pics and boomerangs of dissolving bath bombs in colourful swirly patterns. The postings are a joy to watch, but of course they don’t compare to actually bathing in one.

But why should you opt for bath bombs when there are already bubble baths or sea salt? Well aside from the ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ you get on social media, bath bombs have risen to the top of the #treatyoself chart because they have turned bathing into something much more than just cleaning yourself and relaxing. 

Quite simply, bath bombs are about surrendering yourself to the experience. The silky smooth skin and relaxation are of course added bonuses.

Here Are 5 Benefits of Bath Bombs: 

1. Boosts overall health

A warm bath is scientifically proven to have a tremendous effect on your overall health. Not only does it make the blood inside your body flow easier, your lungs also become more oxygenated as you take slower and deeper breaths. It also helps in alleviating symptoms of cold and flu, as well as relieving muscle aches and pains. 

Civilisations from ancient times swear by the practice. Just look at the culture of onsen and sento in Japan, or the popularity of public baths during the Greek and Roman empires. They all loved baths as much as we do! Feeling the weather? Get yourself one of Lush’s best-selling bath bombs the Intergalactic, which contains peppermint oil that helps to cool off the body as well as grapefruit oil, which has antibacterial effects on the body and hair.

2. Skin buffet

Bath bombs contain essential oils as well as ingredients that are rich in vitamins and minerals. When you dive in for a relaxing soak, you’re also indulging your skin in an assorted buffet of nutrients – depending on which bath bomb you use. Want to glow radiant like Captain Marvel? Look for bath bombs that contain lime oil such as the Flower Power or the Cheer Up Buttercup. Lime oil is astringent, so it helps to remove dead skin cells. 

Fancy something more traditional? Go for Goddess or the Rose Bombshell Egg bath bombs which have rose oil that can soothe and rebalance the skin tone. Meanwhile if you really want to indulge, try the Black Rose bath bomb which not only has both rose oil and lemon oil, but also fair-trade cocoa butter, which will make your skin feel luxuriously soft.

3. Body and mind relaxation

Just submerging in water has the immediate effect of calming the human body’s nervous system. For the ultimate calming treat, pick bath bombs that contain lavender oil such as Midnight, Sleepy or Big Blue

Another ingredient to look for is chamomile blue oil, which can be found in Golden Slumbers or Shijimi Butterfly bath bombs. So powerful it is, just 15 minutes in is enough to reduce stress levels and kill the anxiety caused by a frustrating work environment. By minute 30 you’ll be transported into a dreamland where no annoying co-workers can pass through. You may also want to try the Kitsune bath bomb which contains patchouli oil – a magical ingredient that exudes an earthy aroma which has a grounding effect on the mind.

4. Scent for a reason

What turns a good bath bomb into a marvellous one? Scents, of course. While the effect might not be instantly evident, there is nothing like the power of aromatherapy. Working their magic slow and steady, a definite scent has the ability to elevate the atmosphere and transform your perspective.

If you find yourself smelling sweet and flowery whilst bathing in the Butterball or Fairy Jasmine bath bombs, that scent is courtesy of the ylang ylang oil. For an uplifting effect, go for bergamot oil, included in The Comforter bath bomb, or the Sicilian lemon oil which can be found in the Star Spell and Fruity Giant bath bombs. 

5. Princess afterglow

A drawn bath is more than just about cleaning oneself, it’s a full sensory experience. In a full tub, a drop of the bomb can instantly turn a regular bath into a magical world of your design. Bath bombs are more than just the healing properties or aromatherapy, it’s also about the colours, patterns, and the extra dash of glam that it brings. Lush bath bombs are well-known for their variety of colour combinations, but to conjure the ultimate rainbow in your bathtub, The Experimenter wins. 

Do unicorns bathe in glitter? We may never know, but you can certainly feel like one. Some bath bombs like Think Pink and Fairy Jasmine contain the environmentally-friendly synthetic mica which gives a glittery effect. So not only are you glowing, you’re also sparkly! Not vampire-sparkle ala Twilight but more of a fairy sparkle like Legolas or Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings

When preparing yourself a bath bomb experience, keep this mantra in mind: You’re a AWESOME and you deserve to #treatyoself.

How to Make Bath Bombs According to the Experts at Lush

Recently the team spent some time with Lush Malaysia and Shangri-la Hotel Kuala Lumpur for a staycation featuring a bath bomb workshop. 

Here’s how to make bath bombs:

1. Prepare the ingredients. To make the Big Blue bath bomb, set two separate bowls of citric acid, as well as one bowl of Big White powder (which contains sodium bicarbonate, sea salt and lavender oil)  and one bowl of Big Blue powder (made from sodium bicarbonate and arame seaweed).

2. Combine one bowl of citric acid each with the Big White powder (Mix 1). Mix all the ingredients with both hands.

3. Combine the other bowl of citric acid with the Big blue powder (Mix 2). Mix all the ingredients with both hands.

4. Put some Mix 1 into a sphere-shaped plastic mould. Fill the mould until the compounds overflow. Fill the other half of the mould with Mix 2. Press the two moulds together so that all the powders mix and compress. Remember not to twist the mould but instead, let it mix organically. 

5. Leave the compressed mould overnight. When you say good morning to the birds as the sun rises, you also have a sparkly new bath bomb ready to be deployed for your next #treatyoself session. 🙂

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