[VIDEO] #WhereInShanghai Should You Go? Watch This!

Not sure what to expect in Shanghai? This five-part travel film by Serica Rojas is a quick overview of the gems the city has in store for visitors.

#WhereInShanghai Episode 1 – Why Shanghai?

Fly to one of Asia's best destinations, Shanghai! Shanghai is definitely the place to be: an ultra-modern city; a land of opportunity; a foodie's playground; a shopper's paradise; a definition of glamour and style. The list goes on, but we will give your more reasons to discover the beauty of this city as we introduce you to the best places to eat, visit, and explore in the coming episodes! Are you thrilled as much as we are? Then fly with us to Shanghai and catch our 20% off promo! on ALL Seats & Flights! Book now at! You can even get exclusive discounts from our Shanghai partners!

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Episode 2 turns the spotlight on the people you’ll meet in Shanghai.

#WhereinShanghai Episode 2 – The Many Faces that You'll Meet

Discover more interesting facts and finds through our #WhereinShanghai video series! Join us as we meet the people of Shanghai, from the old folks excising in the parks, to the expats living it up to the city, the foodies promoting the best of the local cuisine, up to the creative geniuses spreading art in the streets! #AirAsiainShanghai Check out our low fares to Shanghai at and to know more about the power of your boarding passes, head over to

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Food, food, food makes this city go round. List down these must-eats!

#WhereinShanghai Episode 3 – Food you shouldn't miss in Shanghai

Shanghai is definitely a food lover's paradise! There's no better way to explore the city than eating your way through the streets and alleys while discovering the best-kept culinary finds and authentic dishes.For the third episode of our Where in Shanghai series, we've rounded up the food that you shouldn't miss from breakfast to dinner, and one of the best ways to experience the city's popular food scene is by joining a public food tour with Shanghai's #1 TripAdvisor Activity, UnTour Shanghai!Now you can get 10% discount on any of UnTour Shanghai's public food tour when you fly with us to Shanghai! For details on how to avail this awesome discount, just click here:

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Check out these sights when you’re in town.

#WhereinShanghai Episode 4 – Perfect Spots to Visit

Feeling more adventurous? Embark on a unique city tour to discover Shanghai's less-explored areas in a vintage sidecar! If you haven't travelled through Shanghai before, the 4th episode for our #WhereinShanghai series recommends these perfect spots to visit when you're in the city! Fly with us and book a tour with our partner Insiders Experience so you can get freebies for your #AirAsiainShanghai trip! Learn more about this great deal here:

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Head further out to a water village and Hangzhou’s West Lake for lovely day trips.

#WhereinShanghai Ep 5 – Great Mid-Autumn places to visit

Celebrate the much-awaited Mid-Autumn Festival by exploring the best scenic spots just right outside the city of Shanghai! Enjoy the sights, take part in beautiful traditions, and appreciate the full moon at its brightest. On the fifth and final episode of the #WhereinShanghai series, we bring you the perfect places that would make a great Mid-Autumn celebration getaway! Grab our low fares starting at, and get exclusive discounts from our Shanghai partners! Click here to find out more:

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