Last Minute Checklist Before You Fly

Booked your flight? Now it’s time to prepare for your trip. Even if you’re a seasoned traveller, it can still be daunting to face the long queues and airport regulations that seem to keep changing every other week. It’s always good to be reminded of the little things that can make a trip easier and less stressful.

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1. Confirm All the Visa and Passport Requirements for Your Destination

There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination only to be turned down by the immigration or not having the visa required to enter the country. Make sure that your passport has at least six months of validity, as there are countries that require this. It’s best to ensure that you’re eligible to enter a country before actually going there. Apply online whenever possible.

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One more thing: don’t forget to make copies of your documents!

2. Skip the Check-In Line by Using Web Check-in, Mobile App, or Self Check-in Kiosks

Have you experienced the nail-biting moment when you have to line up at the check-in counter when you have to be at the gate in 30 minutes? Why would you want to put yourself in that position when you can do online check-ins in advance from the comfort of your home, office or hotel room? Alternatively, arrive early at the airport and use one of the self check-in kiosks, which usually have fewer people in queue. Also check if your airport supports Self Print Bag Tag or Self Baggage Drop.

3. Book Accommodation Ahead of Time to Secure the Best Deals from

Getting enough rest is imperative, and getting an affordable stay can free up more money for other activities. Book early and you might be rewarded with various deals, from free meals to room upgrades deals and single. The biggest reward is peace of mind, knowing you don’t have to drag your luggage around in an unfamiliar location looking for a hotel by booking in advance.

Searching for accommodation deals is easy with, as they have a wide selection of properties worldwide, listing both major chains as well as more affordable options. offers an additional 5% discount on selected standalone hotels on top of available hotel deals. Guests can also save more when they book their hotels with their flights. Book your next stay here.

4. Bring Enough Cash in Local Currency to Cover Anticipated Expenses

Call it money changer or bureau du change, choosing the right currency exchange can really make or break your holiday. In general, the kiosks found at airports offer a less favourable exchange rate. To avoid this, exchange enough money before your trip and make sure you have enough to get you downtown where you’ll have better options.

5. Avoid Foreign Transaction & International ATM Fees with BigPay

Credit cards can be very convenient, but your favourite card back home with its many perks may not be the best one for traveling abroad. You don’t want to get charged every time you convert one currency to another. Check with your bank to find out if you’re better off withdrawing from ATMs instead. Don’t forget to notify you banks and ask them to activate your card for international transactions!

Unlike your credit card or even the money exchange kiosks, you pay no surcharge on your spending abroad with BigPay. It’s also the only card that helps you avoid processing fees on your flight booking and get instant baggage and hot meal discounts when you book your AirAsia flights. With the app, you can see how much you’ve spent in real-time. If that’s not enough, you’ll get a trip summary that automatically categorises your spending. Click here for more info.

Even better, use AirAsia Credit Card to top-up your BigPay and get extra points! Apply now here.

6. Get to Know the Airport

Get to know the airport you’re passing through. You might know your homebase airport, but airports in other countries might pose a challenge. Go to the airport’s website to orient yourself with it so you’ll be able to find restaurants, toilets and other facilities like Wi-Fi when you need them.

7. Arrive Early at the Airport

Arriving early at the airport can save you from a lot of unnecessary drama. One thing to consider is the security screening which can be tedious at times, no matter how much of an experienced flyer you are. Getting to your gate early saves you from worrying about the lines and the delays. Once you’re through the security, you can take your own sweet time, whether to catch up on work or do some retail therapy.

8. Stay Connected with International Data Roaming Plan from Flexiroam

From communicating with your loved ones to finding your way to the train station, staying connected has become an integral part of our daily lives, even when we’re travelling. Don’t forget to activate your international data roaming plan before traveling abroad, or you’ll have to pay high data roaming charges.

Flexiroam is the perfect travel partner as you can avoid the hassle of changing SIM cards and can easily manage your data packages from the Flexiroam X App. You pay only for what you use, as there are no hidden charges, commitments and contracts. Don’t miss your chance to redeem 1GB Data and Roam for FREE (just pay for the shipping fee) here.

9. Make Your Bags Stand Out

Nowadays everyone is buying their bags from the same online stores, so it’s not surprising that most people are travelling with similar-looking bags, which translates to a hard time at the baggage carousel. The simplest act of marking like tying a colorful scarf around your luggage handle or putting a large sticker on your bag can really help.

10. Follow the Size and Weight Restrictions for Checked & Carry-on Baggage

Avoid getting stopped from boarding due to your oversized hand luggage. If you’re flying with AirAsia, your cabin bag must not exceed 56 centimetres x 36 centimetres x 23 centimetres including handles, wheels and side pockets. This bag must be able to fit in the overhead compartment and must not exceed 7 kilogrammes. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to adhere to international regulations regarding the carriage of liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs). For checked-in baggage, there’s a range of allowances for you to pre-book at the Manage My Booking page.

11. Fill Up Your Stomach

No matter how excited you are for your trip, don’t skip a meal. It will give you the energy to deal with any inconveniences that might pop up. As the air inside an airplane is dryer, it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Don’t forget to book your meals in advance according to your dietary requirements.

12. Stock Up on Meds

Even the simplest headache can be a nightmare when you’re onboard and the only thing you can do is wait until you reach your destination. Make it a habit to carry over-the-counter essentials like aspirin, indigestion relievers and motion sickness medicine.

13. Prepare for Airport Security Screenings

Shortest lines don’t always mean the fastest ones. Scan for families with toddlers and senior citizens and avoid them. Wear a belt with non-metal buckle and slip-on shoes. Keep your cosmetics and toiletries in clear toiletry bag. As you have to take  electronics out for security checking, keep everything in one bag. Keep your laptop in its sleeve to keep things organised.

14. Choose the Best Seat According to Your Needs and Travel Style

Choose a window seat if it’s your intention to spend the entire trip sleeping. If you need to visit the restroom often, choose an aisle seat instead. Whatever it is, make sure to get your seating assignments arranged early. There are few things in this world more annoying than sitting between two lovers.

15. Don’t Skip on Travel Insurance

If you’re thinking of skipping travel insurance: DON’T. It’s not worth the risk. If something goes wrong and you are not insured, you are up for a lot of trouble.

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