Thrill-seekers, This Space Will Be Your New ‘Haunt’

Not for the faint-hearted: fans of Breakout Room can take it up a notch and experience the various supernatural entities based on Malaysian culture and folklore at ‘Hauntu’. Better yet, fans of horror films, ghosts, and especially haunted houses can really immerse themselves in Malaysia’s first interactive theatrical horror experience.

Did we mention that this was not for the faint-hearted? Just check out the video below:

But, according to its co-founder Kelly Low,

“We hope to be able to bring out Malaysian hospitality, our culture and art to all our visitors and leave them with an unforgettable adrenaline rush of an experience to be shared with their friends and family.”

So, if that’s the kind of thing you and your friends and family are into (for any kind of reason), and before you head to Hauntu at LINC KL, here are a few things you should know…

1. You’re Basically Going to Take Part in a Real-Life RPG

The receptionist will hand you your keys, and then your adventure begins… Image: Hauntu

Being a blend of live theatre performances, role play and storytelling that comes together to provide an engaging experience, Hauntu features real actors, audience interactions, intricate mazes, and interconnected storylines filled with mystery and the paranormal. So, expect to interact with the actors there in order to get ahead and solve some mysteries.  

2. You Also Get to Experience Malaysia in Its Pre-Independence Days Until Now

Colle Eastern pays tribute to the Old Malaya days. Image: Hauntu

Set in the colonial era of Old Malaya, specifically in a hotel called ‘Colle Eastern’, participants not only get to take on roles within the storyline, but also experience Malaysia in different eras from its pre-independence days right up to the present, namely the 1950s, 1980s and 1990s. While keeping your eyes peeled for other supernatural entities that may be lurking around, make sure you take time to appreciate the incredible detail that went into putting this place together while staying true to its theme.

“We make a lot of references to Malaysian history and folktales in creating our main storyline. And to present our story as real as possible, we had to go through a lot of research in terms of period-correct visuals and props,” said Kelly, so you best believe that Hauntu is legit.

3. No Story Is the Same, as the Flow Changes Every 3 Months

Those scared of babies in general might get a fright out of this alone. Image: Hauntu

Good luck trying finishing up a story, and then telling the friends who love spoilers about what to do and how to solve the mystery — things change here and that’s the way it’s going to be every three months. Safe to say, there’s going to always be exciting (and terrifying) times ahead. For gamers who are used to Googling game walkthroughs, just know that there is no such thing for this place!

4. Your Decision-Making Skills Will Be Put to the Test

As in, decide whether this is real, or it’s all in your head… Image: Hauntu

Compared to watching a movie where you yell at the lead character for taking the wrong way or for blindly going into a dark room, you get to set things right by actually making your own decisions. You know what they say: if you want things done right, you better do it yourself. So, here’s your chance! Also, you get to delegate tasks in your group, so you get to choose which friend gets sacrificed. We’re kidding. Sort of.

5. Your Decisions Affect Whether You Live or Die (In This Game, Not IRL)

There isn’t just one way out and a happy ending, like most horror movies would guarantee. Instead, whatever decision you make since the moment you set foot into this place will matter in the final weigh-in. Your actions eventually determine whether you make it out alive or not. 

“We also knew we really wanted to incorporate multiple endings into the experience because it gives the story much more depth, so all the decision-making scenarios had to be thought out in painstaking detail to make them work,” said Kelly.

So, how about it? Want to give it a go? If you’re serious about it, here are some details:

  • Location: Level 2, The LINC KL
  • Opening hours: Mon-Thurs (10am – 11pm), Fri-Sat (10am – 12am), Sun (10am – 11pm)
  • Price: RM58/pax, with a maximum of 10 players per story
  • Dress code: Dress comfortably, avoid heels and skirts. There WILL be climbing and crawling involved! 
  • Booking:

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Quick Q&A with Kelly Low, co-founder of Hauntu

Ah, finally, some relief from looking at scary things. Image: Kelly Low

What inspired this project?

We noticed that Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures yet, not many activities are being offered to experience Malaysia from a different angle. We liked the idea of an immersive theatre experience where audiences can interact with the actors while the story unfolds; something never before seen in Malaysia. From our experience running Breakout Escape Game, we noticed that our customers love mysteries and horror. Hence, we created Hauntu, blending our idea of creating an immersive theatre with a horror backdrop to give you an unforgettable experience.

What were the best parts of this journey?

We have discovered many talented people in the local scene. From performers to engineers that enable the production of Hauntu, there are so many hidden talents in Malaysia alone. All these local talents have always gone above our expectations in their skills and talent in creating a world-class production. 

If you had 30 seconds to pitch to someone why they should come visit, what would you say?

Come and experience an incredible and thrilling adventure inside a post-colonial hotel filled with mysteries. You will get to interact with the actors, find your way through intricate mazes, explore the amazing setup and make the decision with your friends that will affect your ending. Throughout the experience you will also get to see Malaysian culture and see the live performances of unconventional characters that will unfold the Colle Eastern Hotel mysteries.

How would you envision this place to be like in the future? 

We envision Hauntu to be a must-see tourist attraction and as a creative entertainment centre where audiences can get to experience Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia from a different angle.

What’s next for Hauntu? 

We are planning on expanding Hauntu to other countries such as the US, UK, China, Japan and South Korea by offering tourists and locals a live interactive performance based on their local culture and folktales.

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