This is What A Thousand-year-old Destination Looks Like

If you’ve never heard of Hangzhou, you’re missing out. Model Karlie Kloss visited this Chinese city on a whirlwind trip recently, but there’s no need to rush your sightseeing. This is one place where you can slow down in the gardens and float leisurely on boats of different sizes. Its most famous attraction is West Lake, known for its 10 Scenic Spots that have been revered over the centuries.

Apart from the lake’s pagodas and temples, there is more to enjoy here. Visit the Longjing Tea Plantations and savour fine tea. If you have an extra day, a visit to a water village is a must. About a dozen of them are only an hour or two away from Hangzhou.

A place that feels unchanged by time could be the thousand-year-old destination you need for your next holiday. Watch the eighth episode of AirAsia’s #TheJourneyChina series below.

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