These Family Movies Will Fuel Your Wanderlust

The joy of watching a movie never quite leaves us, even as adults. The possibility of travelling to another world tempts the human soul like no other, especially if you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home. Let us tempt you further with these movies that may just spark the wanderlust in you, enough to bring your whole family along for the ride too.

Finding Nemo

Image: Clozette

Set in the beautiful coral reefs of Australia, Finding Nemo is a tale of parental sacrifice and intrepid adventure for a certain “fishy” pair in the big ocean. The scenes inspire underwater exploration, and the repeated mentions of P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney seem to call out to you, don’t they?

The Parent Trap

Image: Clozette

This 1998 classic starring Lindsay Lohan as a pair of twins is perfect for a flashback Friday with the kids as you relive your own childhood movie nights. The summer camp scenes remind us of New Zealand where you can rent a campervan and enjoy the lush greens and rolling hills, creating memories with the family.


Image: Clozette

Every kid from the 90s remembers the iconic scene where Mulan chops off her hair to disguise herself as a man to take her father’s place on a journey of bravery, honour and friendship, accompanied by gorgeous animations of ancient China. Venture into the Forbidden City in Beijing for a taste of life in the Ming Dynasty, and perhaps a little lesson on history and culture for the whole family too.


Image: Clozette

Disney’s first Polynesian princess, Moana, made a splash with her debut in 2016, bringing beautiful animated blue seas and white sands to the big screen. Can you resist the call of the sea? Especially with a catchy soundtrack like How Far I’ll Go, the kids will be clamouring for a trip to the beach. May we suggest Honolulu for that authentic Moana experience?


Image: Clozette

Anyone who has the pleasure of watching Ratatouille will definitely develop an appetite for fine French dining and a hankering to travel to Paris. Travelling to Europe as a family can get pretty pricey though, so we found a family friendly alternative: Ho Chi Minh City! Like the movie, the city is lined with ornate buildings of a French past – postcard pretty and perfect for the family album.


Image: Clozette

The movie tells a tale of redemption, an unusual theme for a children’s movie, but it does make for a great story. This Dreamworks production shows us the rolling hills of Scotland, mysterious glens and a culture unique to the region, as Merida races to save her mother. If the travel bug bites, perhaps a trip to Guilin is in the cards to help the kids appreciate nature and their mothers a bit more.

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