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  • 8 World Destinations to Travel With BIG Points

    Start collecting BIG Points and plan your trips ahead! Let us inspire you with eight amazing destinations waiting to be explored. 1. Taipei The capital city of Taiwan will not disappoint. Head to the Taipei 101 for breathtaking views of the city below and once […] More

  • What to Eat in Hokkaido

    Powder-snow mountains, serene lakes, and the illuminating annual Sapporo Snow Festival are fantastic reasons to visit Hokkaido, but there’s certainly more to offer its visitors. Hokkaido is also a region rich with delicious food, which makes it a wonderful destination to visit all year round! […] More

  • Sapporo Travel Essentials

    The capital of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido, Sapporo isn’t known for castles and temples. Instead, it’s world-famous for the gargantuan snow and ice sculptures of the Sapporo Snow Festival and the winter sports made possible by Hokkaido’s powdery snow. Away from the slopes, indulge […] More

  • Onsen 101

    There are over 3,000 hot spring resorts located throughout Japan! But we definitely love the ones in Hokkaido because of the snowy backdrop in the winter months. Imagine you’re out and about exploring the region and at the end of the day waiting for you […] More

  • Nebuta Museum WA-RASSE: A Visual Tour

    Visitors from Japan and beyond flock to the city of Aomori in the Tōhoku region in early August for the annual Aomori Nebuta Festival. If you’re visiting Hokkaido then, it would be worth your time to stop by. However, if for some reason you’re unable […] More

  • Sapporo Snow Festival 101

    Now over 60 years old, the annual Sapporo Yuki Matsuri or the Sapporo Snow Festival held in the capital city of Hokkaido welcomes more than 2 million visitors each year. It is usually held in early February when temperatures drop to an average of -4°C, […] More

  • Let’s Experience Sapporo Without Spending A Dime!

    The capital of Hokkaido Prefecture and Japan’s fourth largest city, Sapporo sets itself apart from other cities on the main island with its right-angled streets and city blocks—a remnant of the neo-American style designed by foreign urban planners, engineers and architects in the late 19th century. […] More

  • Soul Magic

    Words: Stuart Danker Photography: Affandi Abd Hamid (FND) I was among the few hundred people packed into the Lake Akan Ainu Theatre Ikor on a chilly autumn night. The Iomante Fire Festival was reaching its climax, and despite the cold weather, I was perspiring under […] More