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SyomirIzwa Gupta Is 16 Going on 17 This KL Fashion Week ‘19 #KLFW2019

After having seen the title of this article, it’s hard to not hum the song I am Sixteen Going On Seventeen from Sound Of Music, right?

While the von Trapp family isn’t the inspiration for fashion powerhouse SyomirIzwa Gupta’s fashion show this year, it is something undeniably better…it is his own illustrious and colourful experience and life journey from his childhood years until now.

Hence, the theme ‘16 going on 17’ isn’t about age, per se. It’s about the process, and upon closer inspection, the years the designer has been making his mark in the Malaysian fashion scene.

SyomirIzwa Gupta has been one of the frontrunners in the Malaysian fashion scene for the longest time. Image: SyomirIzwa Gupta

So if you catch yourself sitting front-row at KLFW19, just remember that it isn’t just a show, it’s a recollection of SyomirIzwa’s life and creative process!

Speaking of, this journey will encompass four major themes in SyomirIzwa’s personal life and they are:

1. Learn

At first, Syomir began doodling with crayons, charcoal and watercolours to produce experimental designs using raw brush strokes. These designs were completely free of measuring instruments (no rules, pun intended!), employing the ‘free-hand’ method. This theme acts as a personal ode to his first foray into the arts and earlier knowledge of fashion, so you can expect to see fashion sketches playing a huge role in this part.

2. Colours

Syomir always had a knack for combining and contrasting bold and sharp colours. Thus, the colour-blocking designs throughout his collections reflect his personal taste and character. After all, he believes that the simplest way of creating life is through the use of colours

Feeling ‘blue’ has never been so happy! Image: SyomirIzwa Gupta

3. Explore

A major part of Syomir’s creative process is owed to his love of travel, culture and old-world civilisations. By combining this with his own personal, multi-ethnic background and that of those around him, the transcultural themes that appear in his work are visible and striking.

Just take a look at these beautiful ensembles that show how big of an inspiration culture plays in his work: 

Images: Courtesy of SyomirIzwa Gupta

4. Live

This particular theme will see Syomir himself inspiring individuals to proudly celebrate their life achievements, and to do so with courage and bravery, so expect to see a show of individuals living their best life, and one that is accompanied by luxury, opulence, to show that one really can have everything!

We don’t know about you, but we’re very excited to see ‘images’ of SyomirIzwa Gupta’s life on the runway!

Be sure to catch SyomirIzwa Gupta’s KLFW19 show on Sunday, 25 August at 9pm, at Pavilion KL, and stay tuned to for our favourite post-KLFW looks.

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