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Spotify Lite is Available in Malaysia, Here’s What You Need To Know

Being Malaysians, we do everything in our power to cut costs. We turn the lights off to save on electricity. We go to Tesco instead of Jaya Grocer to save on groceries. We tilt our car at the gas station to save on fuel (no, that’s not how it works, by the way!).

Now, we have yet another method to save! The Spotify Lite beta app has just been launched in Malaysia, currently available for Android users. This version of Spotify supposedly uses much lesser data and and doesn’t take up as much storage space.

However, we heard that the app has its limitations, so decided to verify each of them:

  • Podcast is not supported. True, but there are lots of alternatives including iTunes and a gazillion free apps on Google Play.
  • Can’t download songs. False, it still works for Premium accounts.
  • Can’t play songs in high-quality. We buy our earphones from Daiso, so it’s not like we can tell the difference anyway.

One neat stuff about Spotify Life is that it displays the amount of mobile data that you have used for the month. You can even set a monthly cap for data usage to 250MB, 500MB, 750MB, 1GB, 2GB or 3GB.

Yet the final and most important question remains… will the premium subscription be cheaper, even with the newly-imposed digital tax? We can only wait. While buffering…

What do you think?

Written by MK Zainal

MK was once involved in a magic gig. You know the trick where they cut a person into half? He was one of the halves.

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