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SORA Gourmet Hall Takes Flight at Changi Airport

Japanophiles will definitely be happy about the opening of SORA Gourmet Hall at Changi Airport and we’re confident anyone who enjoys good Japanese food will be just as excited. I had the opportunity to taste the food from all six outlets and left with a full tummy and a smile plastered across my face.

A total of six Japanese outlets are housed here, each offering their signature dishes where patrons can expect an epicurean experience. The hall is the largest of its kind outside Japan, measuring 7,760 sq ft and seating about 300 diners. Here’s what you can expect from your visit to the hall.

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu

SORA Gourmet Hall

This is Tsuruhashi Fugetsu’s first restaurant outside of Japan. They are renowned for their okonomiyaki, a signature Japanese savoury pancake that hails from Osaka. It is made using fresh cabbage, yakisoba (fried noodles) and an assortment of battered meat and seafood. It is grilled a la minute and slathered in Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise and topped with bonito flakes.

Japoli Kitchen

Italian and Japanese food are great on their own. But what happens when you decide to cook something combining techniques and recipes from these two great cultures? We say it’s pure magic! And that’s specifically what Japoli Kitchen has done with their fusion cuisine. Highlights here include the Bolognese Pasta and also their range of freshly-made pizzas using dough specially imported from Japan.

Menya Takeichi

SORA Gourmet Hall

If you’re in the mood for ramen, how about trying the ones from Menya Takeichi? They are Tokyo’s top chicken ramen chain and also famed for their collagen-rich Chicken Paitan broth ramen dishes.

Kuro Maguro

SORA Gourmet Hall

Kuro Maguro are a well-known Japanese fish wholesaler but now they are also serving up some of the freshest torobutsu (tuna) and meshi (rice dishes) with kaisen (seafood) in all of Singapore! In fact, the ingredients used here are air-flown daily from Japan.

Tendon Kohaku

SORA Gourmet Hall

People have been queuing for hours on end to try the tendon at Tendon Kohaku located at Suntec City. At its second outlet at Changi Airport, people can now enjoy the Edomae-style tendon and hopefully minus the wait that they have been experiencing at their sister outlet. The dish consists of Hokkaido rice, crisp tempura drizzled in tendon sauce.

Tokyo Sundubu

SORA Gourmet Hall

And finally for those who prefer something with a touch of Korean, head over to Tokyo Sundubu. It is one of Japan’s largest restaurant chains that specialise in hearty Korean stew. Make sure to order the Sundubu Jjigae which consists of hand-made tofu, vegetables and ingredients such as chicken, beef, asari (sake-steamed) clams and shrimps.

In keeping with the Japanese theme, SORA Gourmet Hall is steeped in influences from this nation. For example, there is tatami seating for people who want to immerse themselves in the etiquette of Japanese dining. Take a closer look and you’ll notice the exquisite Japanese craftsmanship here at SORA Gourmet Hall which includes the kumiki (Japanese woodcraft) and kumiko (lattice-like timbre trellis) found on the counter tables.

And let’s not forget about the SORA Bar, offering iconic tipples like the Singapore Sling as well as desserts including Hokkaido milk ice cream.

The next time you’re at Changi Airport make it a point to visit SORA Gourmet Hall. You will not be disappointed with the food offerings here!

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