7 Adorable Australian Animals That Make Us Want to Get There RIGHT NOW

1. Quokkas

Quokka is the happiest little fluff ball that has ever graced the planet. Just take a look at the photos below and tell us you’re not in love. You can find them in Rottnest Island, which means ‘Rat’s Nest Island’ because some Dutchman mistook the quokkas for giant rats.

Quokka selfie on Rottnest Island, Perth
Source: Wikimedia

2. Penguins

You don’t have to go all the way to the Arctic to see with this adorable creature. Penguin Island in Perth, which is also home to wild dolphins and sea lions, has the smallest penguins, You can even swim, dive and snorkel in its surrounding waters.

Little Penguin Western Australia
Source: iStockPhoto

3. Tasmanian devils

When talking about the Tasmanian devil, the first image that comes to mind is the Looney Tunes cartoon character that is ferocious and can spin like Clark Kent turning into Superman. While the ferociousness is true (when it comes to feeding), in reality, they actually can’t spin, but they do still have speed and endurance. And they can climb trees and swim across rivers.

Source: Wikimedia

4. Kangaroos

Nothing defines Australia more than kangaroos. Indeed, kangaroos are one of the most fascinating animals in the world. They have pouches for their offspring to live in, kind of like your brother-in-law who continued staying with your in-laws because he couldn’t hold down a job.

Source: Picryl

5. Wombats

So you think Tasmanian devils are scary? Wait until you encounter a wombat. They are herbivores, but don’t let their diet fools you. Although they are generally a relaxed bunch, when threatened, wombats can run up to 40 kilometres per hour and maintain that speed for 90 seconds to attack their predators.

Source: Wikimedia

6. Platypuses

At first glance, this creature might look like a more mellow version of Psyduck. But make no mistake, a platypus is an eccentric animal that can kill other animals with its poison. Also, their gigantic bill also gives them a sixth sense that can detect nearby animals even if the platypuses have their eyes closed.

Source: iStockPhoto

7. Koalas

If the koalas were a human baby, they would be every parent’s dream: they are peaceful, eat their veggies and sleep up to 20 hours a day. Koalas mostly keep to themselves; they don’t socialise much except with their mothers and their babies. A koala baby might stay in its mother’s pouch for up to seven months.

Source: Alison Evans

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