P30 Lite, P30, and P3 Pro Price and Specs in Malaysia, and Which One Should You Buy?

When Huawei P30 Pro was released recently, everyone, their mother, and their ex-schoolmate Whatsapp group went gaga over it. And why not? A brand that is once known for its less-than-reliable USB modem has proved itself to become one of the strongest smartphone players globally. In Malaysia alone, Huawei was the most-searched smartphone brand, beating the iPhone, and second only to Samsung.

Huawei is even banned in the US and its CFO arrested. But we’re not here to talk politics, but rather, the smartphone itself.

Huawei P30 Pro retailed at around RM3799 in Malaysia, much lower than iPhone XS Max at around RM5399. Although, to some of us, RM3799 is still one month’s salary and better saved to fund our weddings. Luckily, Huawei comes with different models namely P30 Lite, P30, and P30 Pro.

P30 Pro. Image from Wikimedia.

So what are the differences between these three? Let’s jump straight into the specs:

Huawei P30 Lite vs P30 vs P30 Pro: Quick specification

P30 LiteP30P30 Pro
ChipsetHiSilicon Kirin 710HiSilicon Kirin 980HiSilicon Kirin 980
Display6.15″ (15.62 cm)6.1″ (15.49 cm)6.47″ (16.43 cm)
Storage128 GB64/128/256 GB128/256/512 GB
Camera24MP + 8MP + 2MP40MP + 16MP + 8MP
40MP + 20MP + 8MP
Selfie 24/32 MP32 MP32 MP
Battery3340 mAh3650 mAh4200 mAh
RAM4/6 GB6/8 GB6/8 GB
Price (Not yet revealed)RM 2699 (Basic)RM 3799 (Basic)

Huawei P30 Lite vs P30 vs P30 Pro: The camera

If you are confused as to why there are three numbers on the camera specs above, here’s the breakdown, using P30 Pro as an example (40MP + 20MP + 8MP)

  • 40MP Super Spectrum Lens (the main camera)
  • 20MP ultra-wide lens
  • 8MP telephoto lens

There’s a big jump in megapixels from P30 Lite to P30; and only a small jump from P30 to P30 Pro.

Both P30 and P30 Pro has 40MP main camera (although casual users might not need that many megapixels). There is only an incremental difference between P30 and P30 camera that it’s almost negligible.

Compared to other models, the one unique thing about P30 Pro is its 50x zoom, which is what Huawei is heavily promoting. It is indeed impressive as you can zoom so far without compromising detail, perfect for landscape shot or architecture. However, how many situations do you really need to zoom right into the moon crater or the eye of Sauron itself?

The P30 Pro also shines a little more when it comes to night shooting. It manages to capture as what your eyes are seeing. So hey, you can even use it as a night vision.

Below are some amateur we took during night time:

Other than that, as we said, P30 Pro camera doesn’t seem to have that much edge over P30 with the exception of night mode and zooming. Also, all models (P30 Lite, P30, P30 Pro) sport 32MP front camera for your selfies, which certainly would take 90% space in your photo library.

Huawei P30 Lite vs P30 vs P30 Pro: Chipset and CPU

Chipset, CPU, and RAM might not be the first thing you looked when picking out smartphones. But it is at least important to understand what they are and what differences do they make.

In the simplest term, chipset and CPU are like the brain of the smartphone where it controls the operation. The higher the specs, the better it is.

This is what a CPU and chipset look like. Image from Wikimedia.

In Huawei case, P30 Lite is using HiSilicon Kirin 710 while P30 and P30 are using the upgraded version of HiSilicon Kirin 980. Same goes to CPU where P30 Lite is using the inferior one compared to the other two.

Huawei P30 Lite vs P30 vs P30 Pro: RAM

RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it determines how much multi-tasking can your phone perform. Every time an app is loaded, they will use some amount of RAM. Even when the phone is idle without any apps open, a bunch of background services is already using a portion of the phone’s RAM. This means that bigger RAM will allow you to do more before your phone starts lagging.

With apps and operating system being updated every year, they will demand more and more processing power. This is why it’s important to check your Chipset, CPU, and RAM when considering buying a phone. If you want the phone to last a long time before new software updates start slowing it down, try to get the highest Chipset, CPU, and RAM you can afford.

In Huawei case, P30 Lite only supports up to 6GB of RAM while P30 and P30 Pro support up to 8GB RAM.

Huawei P30 Lite vs P30 vs P30 Pro: Storage

Storage is pretty much straightforward. It determines how many files and photos you can store inside the phone. 64GB is really more than enough for casual users. More often than not, people now use streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix instead of transferring them manually into the phone.

P30 Lite offers 128GB storage, P30 up to 256 GB, and P30 Pro up to 512GB.

Other considerations about P30 Lite, P30, and P30 Pro

Audio jack

Following Apple’s footsteps, P30 Pro made the unpopular decision to remove the audio jack. So say goodbye to Daiso earphones, and hello to expensive wireless earphones that have a high chance of being dropped and lost.

Wireless charging

Originally introduced by Samsung, wireless changing is quite handy since you don’t have to mess around with those cables that usually goes missing.

However, for these series, only P30 Pro offers wireless charging. Not having it might be an inconvenience to some. But hey, normal cables are easily shareable among friends, even with other Android brands, so it could increase your chance of talking to that shy cute colleague by 120%.

Size and display

P30 has the smallest display at 15.49 cm, while P30 Lite and P30 Pro have 15.62 cm and 16.43 cm respectively. Depending on your preferences, some people like a bigger screen to make the most of their Netflix HD subscription, while some people don’t prefer to have their phone protruding out from the pocket of their tight Uniqlo jeans.

Also worth mentioning that P30 Lite only has an LCD touchscreen, while P30 and P30 Pro has the much better looking OLED touchscreen.

So which Huawei is right for you?

P30 Lite is the budget option among all three, so understandably its specs are much lower.

However, the differences between P30 and P30 Pro aren’t that big, save some major features such as the 50x zoom and wireless charging. If you don’t care about those things, the stark jump in price might not be worth it. So in our opinion, P30 is the best bang for your buck if you want to have a high-quality phone camera at a reasonable price.

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