Only in Japan: Femininity and Masculinity Blurred in Genderless Kei World

The next time you’re in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district, be on a lookout for this next-level kawaii (cute) fashion where boys wear makeup and light-coloured contact lenses, fabulous nail polish, flashy clothing and cute accessories.

Genderless Kei (style) is not cross-dressing. Instead, it’s a whole new standard of beauty for people who do not want to be bound by traditional gender rules. It combines fashion from Mars and Venus to achieve an androgynous look.

Although the style applies to male and female, the subculture is more popular among boys who simply do not want to look like men in suits.

Dubbed as a fashion choice rather than sexuality, most of the people riding on the trend are straight.

As a country notoriously known for its strict societal norms and expectations, this style gravitates towards making a statement about self-acceptance to foster happiness.

Amid the unhealthy work culture where part of the population falls victim to overwork that lead to depression and in rare but alarming cases, suicide, Genderless Kei is one of the perfect outlets for people to let loose and be themselves.

For a deeper look into the fashion, visit one of the popular Genderless Kei stores in Harajuku called Yellow House. Who knows, you might just discover a new side to your fashion sense. Once you’ve nailed the look, sashay along Harajuku street like a local!

Subcultures in Japan | Genderless Kei

Is pink for girls and blue for boys? This subculture in Japan, Genderless Kei, begs to differ. Watch to find out. 发布于 2019年2月13日周三

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