Here’s Where You Can Experience a Uniquely Malaysian Afternoon Tea Set

English people may have introduced the concept of ‘Afternoon Tea’ to the world, but you can trust Malaysia to put a unique spin on this. 

Available at The Courtyard at Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur, the Truly Malaysian Afternoon Tea Set features a selection of savoury and sweet treats specially curated and prepared by the hotel’s kitchen maestros.

Those looking for a quaint afternoon tea experience can now enjoy classic Malaysian teatime favourites in a casual yet upbeat setting with the vibrant Bukit Bintang cityscape as a backdrop.

Savoury items include popia itik salai (roasted duck roll), keropok lekor (traditional Malay fish sausages), mini-packed nasi lemak (Malaysia’s favourite all-day breakfast), masala vada (spicy and crunchy fritters), cucur udang (prawn fritters) and roti bakar (toast with butter and coconut jam). 

Also included in the set are puteri mandi (pandan coconut buttons), cekodok (fried banana balls) and ais krim potong (popsicles) – three sweet favourites.

Of course, no Malaysian teatime meal is complete without the alluring cup of teh ‘O’ (hot tea), teh tarik (tea with frothy milk), kopi ‘O’ (hot coffee) or kopi tarik (coffee with frothy milk).

All sets are served in colourful tiffin carriers, making this experience a worthy addition to your Instagram feed.

Not a fan of afternoon delight? Try the daily lunch buffet offered by The Courtyard. Highlights here include the live grill and carving section, featuring fresh seafood, beef, lamb, chicken, and even satay skewers and handmade burger patties!

There is also a pasta station, a noodle station, a bread station, as well as a selection of mouth-watering local cuisine that is sure to fill your tummy with satisfaction.

Topping all this off is the desserts section, which features various cakes and puddings as well as local treats including cendol (crushed ice with toppings), roti ais krim (ice cream bun), chocolate fountain, and a wide array of local desserts such as onde-onde, kuih lapis, kuih ketayap, kuih sago, kuih keria, and much more.

One thing’s for sure, you won’t leave the place hungry!

The Truly Malaysian Afternoon Tea Set is available at MYR55 nett per set, while the Lunch Buffet set is priced at MYR78 (adults) and MYR39 (kids 6-12 years old). For enquiries or bookings, visit The Courtyard Pavilion Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s website here.

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Written by Irvin Hanni

Irvin enjoys conversations with the trees and the stars. Sometimes they share recipes, sometimes they share jokes.

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