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KL Fashion Week ’19 Sneak Peek With Alia Bastamam #KLFW2019

As we speed towards KL Fashion Week 2019, it’s getting harder and harder to contain our excitement as we anticipate the looks that will be on display. Only the best of the very best designers get to put their creative foot forward to showcase beautiful pieces on the runway, and one of them is the ever illustrious Alia Bastamam.

She has proven time and time again that there is no stopping passion and creativity, as she has wowed the crowd with past looks, like her Fall/Winter 2018 looks, for example. 

It was very hard to pin down our favourites, as there were too many, but take our pick of the best 5.

Our Top 5 Favourite Looks From Alia Bastamam’s Fall/Winter 2018 Collection:






Were they edgy? Yes. Were they feminine? Yes. Were they cool, exuding androgyny and totally chic? Yes, yes and absolutely yes! 

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Alia Bastamam seemed to have covered every aspect of the elegant-meets-boyish, rough-meets-delicate theme that she envisioned for her Fall/Winter 2018 ‘Liberation’ and ‘Adventure’ collection. Just look at the biker jacket that complemented velvet dresses, as well as floral elements that accompanied either sharp silhouettes or harsh lines. It was a look meant for the brave, courageous woman who still wanted to embrace her inner femininity!

For her Resort 2018/2019 collection, we were taken on a trip to paradise … (or rather a trip to the dream closet of what people in paradise would wear). Hey, we would like to look our best en route to our holiday, right? And if you take our advice, you’d best be seen with an Alia Bastamam piece!

Our Top 5 Favourite Looks From Alia Bastamam’s Resort 2018/2019 Collection:






Well, if we were wearing this on our holiday trips, heads would definitely be turning! By the way, if you notice our favourite look number 3 (the oversized boyfriend shirt), it is actually embellished with what is called the ‘Tit Wink’, a nod to breast cancer awareness – which is definitely a plus in our books. 

Our other favourites include the evergreen kaftans (made chic and sexy in Alia Bastamam fashion), and holiday-friendly materials such as silk and chiffons beautifully complement the silhouette without making it look too dressed up. All pieces from the collection actually have a time to be worn; from morning island hopping and suntanning on the sands, to cocktail sunsets as well as night strolls by the beach – and they are all absolutely stunning.

So, What Can We Expect From Alia Bastamam At KLFW 2019?

She has definitely swept us off our feet with these two previous collections, so we are positively reeling in excitement as we await her show this year. 

While we cannot divulge more info or photos, we do have a couple of hints as to what we can expect from the Alia Bastamam Spring/Summer 2020 collection:

It is inspired by romance novels!

Alia Bastamam’s upcoming looks has her bringing fantasy into reality, as she envisions what a heroine would wear during her romantic adventures. Think lush, dreamy, sensuality and seduction and you’ll have pretty much the sexy show that would be Alia Bastamam’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. 

Again, while we can’t give you photos or previews (that’s for you to see in person at KLFW!), we can, however, show you sketches that were done for the show … just to tease you a little bit.

1. Empire Cut Gown

“A romance novel cover is never complete without the damsel in her windswept dress. The look is toughened with armour-like pearl embellishments and string details for an undone quality.” Image: Alia Bastamam

2. Warrior Gown

“Corseted to accentuate the feminine figure, pleats and silk chiffon carelessly drape the curves for an undone look. Pearl embellishments across the chest and a belt detail with a skirt hike give a fighter-like appeal for strength.” Image: Alia Bastamam

3. Harem Suit

“Enhancing her every move, the lightness of the chiffon gives the suit ultra-femininity, with sheer harem pants spinning disco fun into seriousness.” Image: Alia Bastamam

4. Little Black Dress

“The ultimate tool for feminine strength and power, the little black dress is a dominant choice. With such simplicity in its idea, Alia selects flashy materials and catchy details.” Image: Alia Bastamam

5. Draped Blazer Mini Dress

“A softly tailored blazer in pure silk brings forward Alia’s cuts and draping techniques. The detachable lace sleeves inject romance in modernity.” Image: Alia Bastamam

6. Bomber Look

“Youthfulness is ever present in romances, and youth shines through Alia’s designs with staples like bomber jackets and mini skirts. The pearl embellishments and soft pleats induce the romance into streetwise ensembles, while the Ikat print brings tropical vibes.” Image: Alia Bastamam

7. Wrap Suit

“Instead of being a damsel in distress, she is the knight in shining armour. The suit represents strength with pearl-embellished checked fabric depicting a suit of armour. The wrap element is a key detail in the brand’s aesthetic.” Image: Alia Bastamam

8. Poolside Dress

“Bringing a lot of tropical tease for a Bohemian spirit, a gypsy dress is made sheer for an injection of ease and nonchalant sex appeal.” Image: Alia Bastamam

9. High-Low Dress

“A flowing classic silhouette exaggerated with billowing sheer layers. Draping pleats is a technique regularly practiced by the designer and its architectural play balances off the delicacy of the dress.” Image: Alia Bastamam

Well, there you have it, folks! That’s enough teasing for now, stay tuned to our post-KLFW coverage to learn which looks stole our hearts!

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Written by Kathlyn Ursula D'Souza

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