Introducing AVA, AirAsia’s Virtual Cabin Crew!

Good news, fellow introverts! If you have a question about your AirAsia flight but you also naturally shudder at every ounce of human interaction – have no fear, AVA is here!

AVA is AirAsia’s all-new AI (artificial intelligence) chatbot and virtual cabin crew who provides instant replies to your inquiries.

AVA (AirAsia Virtual Allstar) can check your flight status, amend errors in your details (e.g. gender, date of birth, passport details) and even help you in purchasing luggage allowance, meals and seats for your flights! That’s a lot for one person to do, but AVA is highly capable and dedicated, if anything.

That’s not all, AVA can also speak in eight languages and is learning more every day. You can try talking to AVA now by going to Customer Support and clicking the chat bubble at the bottom right hand corner.

Unsure about where to go? Let the AirAsia app decide for you

“Hey guys let’s go on a vacation together!”


“Where do you guys suggest?”

*Deafening silence*

If this sounds like a typical annual conversation in your ex-colleagues Whatsapp group, then your ex-colleagues Whatsapp group needs the AirAsia mobile app.

On both iOS and Android, you can now choose where to go using an interactive map that pinpoints all of AirAsia’s destinations in a single page. You can also select the departure and arrival airports and filter the number of stops as well as flight duration. These features are the first among airline apps.

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Written by MK Zainal

MK was once involved in a magic gig. You know the trick where they cut a person into half? He was one of the halves.

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