Getting to Know Aisha Nazar, AirAsia and Sony’s New Joint Ambassador

Images: Aisha Nazar

After a 10-week global search, AirAsia and Sony chose Aisha Nazar as their joint ambassador from the over 700 visual story submissions that had poured in from across the globe.

Aisha will soon travel to Tokyo on AirAsia’s award winning Premium Flatbed for an exclusive tour at Sony’s technology lab to experience their future technologies and inventions which are yet to be publicly released.

In addition to this money-can’t-buy experience, she will also undergo a full year apprenticeship with Sony and take home the latest full frame mirrorless camera Sony Alpha A7 III K as well as Sony h.ear on 2 wireless headphone, both valued at over RM10,000. caught up with Aisha to find out more about this talented 29-year-old and her inspiration. : What is the inspiration behind your photographs?

Aisha Nazar : The essence of time itself and how it waits for no one. The world is ever-changing and progressive. We live in an absolutely stunning one that we, for most parts, take for granted. The times that we’re in have gotten more complex and the pace we follow have changed tremendously as we get too engrossed in our own agendas. However, it’s interesting and refreshing to see how different people from different cultures interpret time differently. : What is your favourite subject to shoot?

Aisha Nazar : I truly enjoy taking photos of animals, people and random scenarios anywhere at all, be it on the streets, underneath a tree with a running squirrel, a dodgy ghost town with suspicious non-human wails, a busy market where fish heads fly off from chopping boards, you name it! When I look back at the images I’ve taken, I start to notice that there is more to it than what you see at first glance. Photos enable us to appreciate a moment in time that we otherwise would easily overlook. They are also a summary of your senses during a moment that you were once in. : If you could go anywhere in the world to shoot, where would it be and why?

Aisha Nazar : Put me anywhere on this planet, and that is where I’d want to be. But if it had to be a choice, I’d love being in modest locations with the locals and their lifestyles and routines. Ultimately, that is where I get most of my life lessons from. : How did you feel after being announced as AirAsia and Sony’s joint ambassador?

Aisha Nazar : I was utterly surprised. The main reason being, all the contestants had superior photos that left me in awe. However, it has been the best news of my life so far. I look forward to Sony’s apprenticeship, taking more photos with the new, fresh-from-the-oven gears I received from them and the vast opportunities to further discover the world thanks to AirAsia. Most of all, I look forward to what I can contribute to these two huge corporations that have changed the lives of many, including mine.

Aisha takes us on a journey through her winning visuals:

Picture this. It’s your first time holding a camera. What do you feel when you have your finger pressed on the shutter halfway down? Are you led by a blind drive of just merely making a picture?

Or is it with intent to capture moments in time that disappear, never to be repeated again?

Things took a turn for me when I took this photo from a distance at a pier. I realised I have stolen a moment of pureness of a family who were spending a day by the beach with all their worries and worldly materials left behind. All but the clothes on their backs.

It’s as though the very essence of time has been defied; interrupted by this rectangular box I carry with me.

Expressions were made frozen, to be interpreted by the viewer.

Routines perpetually paused, to be related to.

I was a time thief. The world was my oyster.

But I know it is meant to be shared. The very core of myself has been made richer by the piece of glass I carry with me. A wand that stops time. One that teaches me to empathise.

And one that allows me to paint a thousand and one stories untold by any other authors but by the subject themselves through their emotions, gestures and interactions within the splendors of this world.

My name is Aisha and I am an independent lenswoman. Everyone carries a story with them just as I have mine. And wherever my story began, I hope and pray it does not end but to continue to flourish until Time decides to claim what’s His.

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