Here’s How You Can Get Free T&CO 3-in-1 Coffee

Malaysians have been drinking coffee before it was cool. Venture out to any kampung and you’ll find ‘kedai kopi’, not ‘kedai Milo Ais kurang manis’. And since the rise of the third wave of coffee, there’s at least one café for every shop lot.

Now, there’s one more place where you can get this sweet nectar of heaven – on a plane! Here’s how you can get free T&CO 3-in-1 coffee when you buy Internet Plan with credit card on board AirAsia flight:

Follow the steps as illustrated below:

Not only a cup of coffee may taste better 30,000 feet in the air, but we’re sure some of you need it to go through the day.

More importantly, with a ROKKI Internet plan, you can enjoy your favourite apps on board including replying to that ‘urgent’ work email, reassure your mom that you’ve boarded safely via Whatsapp, post cloud photos to Instagram (hashtag ‘blessed’) and many more! Terms and conditions apply.

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Written by MK Zainal

MK was once involved in a magic gig. You know the trick where they cut a person into half? He was one of the halves.

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