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Iconic Filming Locations In South Korea Every K-Drama Fan Should Visit

Have you been wishing for a romance that’s as epic as Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na’s in Goblin, or hoping to find someone like Kim Soo-hyun to sweep you off your feetjust like in You Who Came from the Stars?

It’s time for you to turn your dreams into reality (well half of it anyway) in Seoul! Visit the following filming locations and relive your favourite K-drama moments. Go with your Koreaphile friends, take your reluctant beau with you, or, even better, fly solo. Who knows, you might chance upon your own oppa (or noona) there!

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1. Ihwa Mural Village (이화 벽화마을)

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Ihwa Mural Village is a wildly popular place for tourists from all around the world, partly because of the many TV series and movies that have been shot here.

You can see tourists taking selfies in every corner, from the 3D koi fish staircase made famous by Because This is My First Life, Ihwa-dong Village Museum from Strong Woman Do Bong-soon, and Café Gaeppul where Kim Jin-hyeok (Park Bo-gum) proposed to Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-kyo) in Encounter.

As there are people who actually live here, please be respectful. Don’t just peer or worse, walk into a stranger’s house uninvited (this is not an RPG).

  • How to Get There: Hyehwa Subway Station
  • Also Seen In:Shining Inheritance, Rooftop Prince, Sensory Couple, My Strange Hero, Two Cops

2. Graffiti Tunnel (신촌벽화터널)

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You might recognise this passageway covered in colourful graffiti from the popular 2016/2017 TV series Goblin. The hilarious scene shows a bonding moment between Grim Reaper (Lee Dong-wook) and Goblin (Gong Yoo) who are walking through the tunnel while carrying spring onions which they have bought for Ji Eun-tak (Kim Go-eun), only to be interrupted by a motorist passing between them, disrupting their power.

It is advisable not to re-create that almost-hit-by-a-motorcycle scene though.

  • How to Get There: Sinchon Subway Station
  • Also Seen In:To Be Continued, While You Were Sleeping, Dream Knight, The Best Hit, Manhole, Touch Your Heart

3. Sanmotoonge Café (산모퉁이)

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Nestled in a mountain corner between Inwang and Bugak, Sanmontoonge (or Sanmontunggi) is a great place for you to take your non K-pop/K-drama fan friend/partner/family to, thanks to the astonishing city view from the café. The peaceful neighbourhood is known to house the residence of many artists, giving it an artistic vibe.

Of course our main reason is to imagine ourselves working with Go Eun-chan (Yoon Eun-hye) and ogling at Choi Han-kyul (Gong Yoo) just like in Coffee Prince. So don’t let dreams be dreams. Enroll in a barista class, take a part-time job, get a work Visa, and find your true love!

  • How To Get There: Take bus number 1020, 7022 or 7212 from Gyeongbok Palace Station and alight at Buam-Dong Community Service Centre

4. Jangsado Sea Park (장사도 해상공원)

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Do you want to have a date that is out of this world, just like when Cheon Song-yi (Jeon Ji-hyun) and her extraterrestrial boyfriend Do Min-jun (Kim Soo-hyun) did when they wanted to avoid the crowds? Then head to Jangsado Island, made popular by You Who Came from the Stars.

To be honest, the place is so popular there’s a slim chance you’ll have a quiet date like what Do Min-Jun and Cheon Song-yi had in the TV series. There’s a slimmer chance of actually meeting an extraterrestrial boyfriend. But at least you’ll feel the romance when you pass the famous tunnel made with 100,000 camellia trees and the rainbow-shaped bridge.

  • How to Get There: Take a ferry from Jangsado Ferry Terminal
  • Also Seen In: One Warm Word, Uncontrollably Fond

5. Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을)

Instagram post by ann.ontheroad

Bukchon Hanok Village, which dates back all the way to the Joseon dynasty (1392–1910), is a traditional hanok (traditional Korean house) village in the heart of a bustling city, a great spot for those who are interested in traditional Korean culture.

Just like the Ihwa Mural Village, this is a place where people live, so don’t forget to be courteous when dealing with the locals. When you’re feeling peckish, you can visit the pastel de nata (Portuguese egg tart) shop where Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin-hye) and Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho) from The Heirs bumped into each other after getting caught into a fight.

  • How to Get There: Anguk Subway Station
  • Also Seen In: I Need Romance, Twelve Nights, Touch Your Heart

6. Nami Island (남이섬)

Instagram post from jieyanow

This list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the series that started it all. Yes, the 2002 TV drama Winter Sonata was responsible for sending hallyu (the Korean wave) all over the world, and soon everyone in every corner of the planet was pining for love like Jeong Yoo-jin (Choi Ji-woo) and Kang Joon-sang/Lee Min-hyung (Bae Yong-joon).

Some of the star-crossed lovers’ most memorable moments were shot in Nami Island, including their first kiss with the backdrop of pure white snowy landscapes. Don’t forget to combine your visit here with nearby attractions like Petite France (a French-themed village) and Garden of Morning Calm (an arboretum).

  • How to get there: Ferry from Gapyeong Wharf or go for the Zipwire instead (yes, you can zipline all the way to the island instead of taking a ferry!)

  • Also Seen In: Full House, Rosy Lovers, High School King  

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