Embark On A Wellness Retreat In Cambodia

Bliss in the land of peace & prosperity

Popular among hikers and campers for their numerous trekking trails and adventure tours countrywide, did you know that Cambodia also offers a catalogue of wellness activities for your blissful pleasures? Also known as ‘the land of peace and prosperity’, we recommend a series of rejuvenating activities you can treat yourself to in this tranquil sanctuary.

Start your blissful experience at Navutu Dreams

More often than not, Siem Reap comes to mind when we think of Cambodia. This is why Navutu Dreams, a wellness resort located just on the outskirts of town, is a hotspot for most wellness travellers. Upon checking in, kick off your blissful weekend by booking a spa treatment, participating in a yoga class, or taking up a specially curated detox programme.

Get in touch with your spirituality at Angkor

After a relaxing session of your choice at Navutu Dreams, continue the journey by feeding your mind with a trip to the great Angkor Wat. If you’re looking for the best way to get in touch with your spiritual self, there’s no better place to do it than there. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is known as the largest religious monument in the world.

Feed your body good food at Vibe Cafe

Wellness is not only focused on the mind but also on the body. Make sure you’re feeding yourself not only good energy but great food as well. Created with ingredients consciously and ethically sourced, the plant-based food and drink offerings at Vibe Cafe will satiate your hunger and fill your mind with good vibes.

Listen to a Dharma Talk at Hariharalaya

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Find out how you can master the art of zen with the help of a Dharma Talk, a workshop where you can learn more about living consciously and creatively. Catch the one at Hariharalaya given by the wellness retreat centre’s founder, Joel Atman, and learn more about living life with mindfulness.

Blessing from a monk

Cap off your holistic journey with a blessing from a Buddhist monk. Head to the Wat Arang Pagoda and receive a good omen from a monk as water is poured over you and Pali prayers are being chanted. Take it as your go signal to come back to your normal life with extraordinary care for yourself and your loved ones.

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