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6 Best Restaurants to Go to for That Perfect Date Night

So, you’ve got a big date coming up. Is it a potential partner, a casual crush or your longtime love? Whatever it is, a date night is always a good idea. After all, the best part of any day is when you finally get to eat good food – and what better way to celebrate this than by going out with your significant other? 

Let’s also not forget that it’s not just about food. It’s about the experience – dressing up, looking good, feeling good and enjoying a fantastic fare with an amazing companion where you can discuss a future together, and a 50% cashback of your meals while you’re at it! 

That’s right, your date will just keep on getting better if and when you’re a Standard Chartered Bank cardholder, so take it from us: there’s no better time to plan that perfect date night for dining and wining than the end of this year, especially if you’re a lover of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

Now that we’ve let you in on our little secret, here are some very good suggestions on where you could take your date out to this month (so you claim that cashback!):

1. Erawan (Thai)

Image: Erawan

First on the list is notably one that would sweep your date off their feet. You know it’s something extra special when the restaurant accepts reservations only. Plus, it does add to that romantic/exciting effect when reservations are made beforehand, right? This premium Thai restaurant, located at the affluent DC Mall, is helmed by Chef Korn, who is famed for his classic dishes that incorporate newer and modern flavours every now and then.

What to try: Royal Lotus Petals Delight, Watermelon with Salmon Floss (pictured above), Green Curry with Chicken, Tropical Fruits Red Curry and all-time favourite Mango Sticky Rice.

2. SANOOOK (Thai-Japanese)

Image: Sanoook

We all could use a little bit of fusion food…after all, variety is the spice of life! That’s why Sanoook is right up everybody’s alley when it comes to combining the best of two cuisines. ‘Sanook’ in Thai means fun and happiness, so with the added ‘O’, you’ll expect that they will be giving you extra. Here you’ll find delicious yet innovative meals that are inviting to the tongue, as well as to the eyes, but be sure to take your photos quickly and then put your phone away to welcome conversation at the table! 

What to try: Sushi burgers, Sushi rolls with Thai flavours, Tom Yum Soup (which is poured from a sake carafe) and their Thai volcano dessert.

3. Chakri Palace (Thai)

Image: Chakri Palace

What could be more flattering than being taken out on a date to dine on dishes served by award-winning chefs at an award-winning restaurant that is Chakri Palace? Discerning food lovers, celebrities and royalty often flock to this particular spot, because the food here is jaw-dropping, lip-smackingly delicious. Reputation aside, this restaurant is a healthier option for those looking to indulge but watching out for their wellness, as all dishes here are served without MSG, additives, preservatives and cooked with low cholesterol oil. 

What to try: Deep Fried Seabass with Phad Cha Sauce, Australian Lobster with Thai Sweet & Spicy Sauce and Chakri Tom Yam (King Prawn).

4. Super Saigon (Vietnamese)

Image: Super Saigon

We can think of many puns that you can use as pick-up lines for your date here, like “We’re made pho each other” or “You’re un-pho-gettable”, so that’s half of the work done. Food-wise though, Super Saigon is the place to be for all your halal Vietnamese favourites such as spring rolls, banh mi, bun cha, Vietnamese and of course, the pho. The restaurant focuses on fresh ingredients so expect only the best like imported Australian beef, chicken, fresh herbs and aromatic ingredients. Hint: it’s also a very Instagrammable spot, perfect for that #ootd after which you will thank your date for the wonderful night. 

What to try: Fresh rice paper rolls, Medium Rare Sliced Beef & Tendon Pho, Stir Fry Kuey Teow with Sliced Beef and Vietnamese Coffee.

5. Du Viet (Vietnamese) 

Image: Du Viet

Fun fact: the term ‘Du Viet’ means to ‘do Vietnamese’ so the next time your date asks you what you feel like doing for lunch, just say ‘Du Viet’. Again, if you’re looking for a healthy and high-quality feast with your significant other, this restaurant is another option. Also, if you’re a fan of fusion, you’d find that Du Viet actually has French influences on their menu as well.

What to try: Traditional Mixed Beef Noodle, Wrap & Roll Platter, BBQ Lemongrass Chicken Chop, Vietnamese Summer Rolls and Dry-style Noodle with Grilled Prawns and Imperial Roll.

6. Bahn Mi Cafe (Vietnamese)

Image: Bahn Mi Cafe

If you’re feeling like pastry, head on over to Banh Mi Café, which as you may have guessed, specialises in the Vietnamese baguette sandwich. These baguettes are baked in-house every day, so freshness is definitely guaranteed, along with flavours that pack a punch. Do note that this is a non-halal joint, which is perfect for those who prefer a parade of pork-filled plates.

What to try: Aside from the signature bahn mi, you can give the Viet Beef Noodles Soup, Steamed Rice Roll and their soup dishes a go.

Save the Date and Dining Promotions!

Fret not, the restaurants on this list aren’t the only ones that are part of this special promotion by Standard Chartered Bank. Check out the full list of promotions for Priority Banking cardholders by heading to this page, whereas all other Standard Chartered credit cardholders can view the full list of promotions with participating restaurants here. Go ahead, make a selection and reserve a date! We’re absolutely sure that there is something that would suit both you and your date’s palate!

For more information on how you could get your hands on a Standard Chartered card, visit Standard Chartered Malaysia’s page here

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