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AirAsia Celebrates 600 Million Guests Flown with 6 Short Films Inspired By Real Stories

If you’re an Asian, then there’s a high chance that your life has been changed by how AirAsia has revolutionised air travel in the region. Whether it’s how families travel together, or how businesses expand thanks to the airlines’ connectivity, AirAsia has made a positive impact in our lives.

Starting out in the industry 17 years ago with just two aircraft, AirAsia has spread its wings across Asean and beyond. Of course, the airlines wouldn’t be where it is today if not for you, the guests, who believe in the airline and have shared its amazing journey through the years. Powered by its mantra ’Now Everyone Can Fly’, AirAsia sparked a revolution in air travel by cutting prices and adding exciting destinations. Not only has AirAsia revolutionised travel, the airline has also always been steadfast in making people’s dreams come true, in their travels, and in life.

AirAsia’s low fares, uncompromised low-cost experience and wide network has enabled 600 million passengers to meet different travel needs. AirAsia celebrated the milestone with a BIG Sale and six million promotional seats from 22 September 2019 till 29 September 2019. But that’s not all, because they have recently released six short films inspired by real stories, real people, from the 600 million guests flown!

AirAsia guests across the region submitted 5,835 travel stories over the span of one week (2 to 8 September 2019) and winners were selected from China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. The stories chosen were then reenacted by influencers from the respective country of origin in six short films in the AirAsia 600M Stories series.

As these are real stories from real people, many of you will be able to relate with their stories. So join in the celebrations! Watch as the stories unfold and be inspired for your next adventure with AirAsia!

1. It’s All About Timing (China)

Like many young couples, Jason and Jane had always wanted to travel abroad together. But as recent graduates, they had other priorities in life and before they knew it they had to take different paths in life before they were able to make that dream trip come true. Would they ever get a second chance?

2. Pocket Money Journey (India)

Aditya knew that his mother missed her relatives in Bengaluru (Bangalore), but she hadn’t had the chance to plan a trip there. Furthermore, she had never travelled by herself. But when Aditya heard about the AirAsia BIG Sale, he knew that it was a chance for his mother to come out of her shell and kick off her solo adventures.

3. Biru (Indonesia)

After a series of unfortunate events, a young woman was questioning whether being kind is worth the effort. But after a chance meeting with a little girl while traveling, she decided that the only way to make this world a better place is by sharing what you have.

4. Just Like Us (Malaysia)

Raveena was at her wits’ end. She wanted to celebrate her birthday in Langkawi with best friend Vinoshini, but her strict mother was against it. It’s obvious that the mother and the daughter have their differences, but are they really that different?

5. For Carlos (Philippines)

Nothing beats going on adventures with your best friend. For Javi, it was Carlos, his big brother who was diagnosed with cancer. Despite his hardships, Carlos was adamant in encouraging his baby brother to keep on climbing mountains.

6. Kiriwong With Love (Thailand)

When they were just little girls, vacations were hard to come by for Gift and her sister. Their parents had divorced more than 20 years ago, so it was difficult to get their divorced mother and father to travel together. But the sisters were determined to make the trip happen and make everyone spend some quality time together as a family.

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Written by Ari Vanuaranu

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