6 Things We Absolutely Loved About Tokyo’s First-Ever Beautycon

It was the first time a Beautycon was ever hosted and organised outside of its homebase of Los Angeles, but Tokyo definitely aced it!

Most of our beauty trends these days such as glass skin, the 10- to 15-step Korean skincare, blocky and full eyebrows, ‘gwang’ (radiant, glowing skin) and the gradient lips were birthed in Asia, and if we do say so ourselves, Asia is one of the most influential hubs when it comes to shifting trends and creating them in the first place.

So naturally, when Beautycon announced that they were going to set up shop in Belle Salle Shibuya Garden, Tokyo for a few days, the team decided to have a go and experience it ourselves. Here’s what we really appreciated about the event:

1. Supermodel Winnie Harlow and Comedian Naomi Watanabe Were Special Guests

Image: AirAsia/Vikki Tan

Even if you have no idea who Winnie Harlow is, you might have seen pictures of her on the Internet, on billboards, TV, magazine … anywhere, basically. Known as the first supermodel with vitiligo (a long-term condition where pale white patches develop on the skin), she went on to break boundaries when it comes to skin types and conditions to prove that everyone is born beautiful just the way they are.

She was a special guest invited to talk about beauty empowerment, how one needed to fix the ‘you’ on the inside first, and how her family taught her to do exactly that. She also spoke about how her skin condition never stopped her from being who she really wanted to be. That talk definitely left us feeling empowered, for sure!

Naomi Watanabe on the other hand, gushed about how excited she was to be at Tokyo’s first-ever Beautycon, that she literally got off the plane from Italy just to attend the event! You’ve probably seen her on SK-II ads recently, but she too shared her thoughts on beauty with her fellow citizens.

2. Pre-launched Makeup Products and Previews

Image: AirAsia/Vikki Tan

Brands and sponsors such as NYX, Celvoke, Moroccon Oil and other renowned beauty brands were a huge part of the event itself; we got to try various makeup and hair products way before they were released to the masses! This was basically beauty junkie heaven!

3. Insights from Talented Makeup Artists and Hairstylists

Image: AirAsia/Vikki Tan

One of the highlights of Beautycon Tokyo was its Show & Tell programmes — where guests had the opportunity to see amazing makeup artists work their magic on stage. Some of the makeup topics covered were ‘How to manipulate light and shadow’, ‘Emphasise your Glamour and Loveliness’ and many other helpful tips, while hair topics included ‘How to Choose your Colour with a Colour Chart’ and recommendations for styling. Even the men who attended this event didn’t feel out of place, considering there was a skincare topic catered to men as well.

4. Mingling and Networking with Fellow Beauty Junkies

Image: AirAsia/Vikki Tan

We looked around and saw heaps and heaps of Instagram beauty influencers, as well as those who take beauty seriously. Honestly, this was the best time to strike up conversations with others regarding their thoughts on beauty, and ask questions like, “How did you manage to get your eyeshadow to look like that?”

5. Hearing What the Beautycon CEO Had to Say

Image: AirAsia/Ibtisem

Moj Mahdara, CEO of Beautycon Media (centre), is an entrepreneur in the entertainment, digital and emerging technology spaces. It’s been five years since Beautycon was first introduced to the world, and it has now garnered such a huge following, thanks to Mahdara’s vision of beauty and unity. She believes the beauty industry is going through a ‘crazy renaissance’ right now, and Beautycon is at the forefront of change. This way, Beautycon is able to push women to be more confident in themselves — in a healthier, and more fulfilling way!

6. Talks on Beauty, and Perceptions of It

Image: AirAsia/Vikki Tan

It wasn’t just Mahdara who shared her thoughts on beauty. Other speakers who shared their thoughts left us feeling inspired, confident and even more beautiful. Plus, it helped that the slogan “You don’t need lipstick, lipstick needs you!” kept popping up here and there throughout Beautycon Tokyo, so we were definitely feeling much, much better being ourselves and in our shoes! Now armed with lots of tips and tricks, we are ready to face the world not by pretending to be somebody else, but by just being an enhanced version of ourselves. So, next stop, Beautycon LA, maybe? Fingers crossed!

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Written by Kathlyn Ursula D'Souza

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