10 Travel Essentials for Every Adventure Holiday

Hiking the majestic Mount Kinabalu, surfing on the amazing pipes in Bali or kayaking through natural tunnels in search of hidden lagoons, caves, and even deserted beaches in Halong Bay, adventures are aplenty anywhere you go.

A hiker walks at the summit of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah.

While adventure travel usually involve lugging big gear like personal surfboards or tents, here are a few small adventure essentials that can make a world of difference to your trip.

1. Horleys Replace Lemon Lime Sachets

Have you seen athletes consuming a gel-like substance during short breaks? Whether its long hikes or a whole day of snorkeling or diving, our body needs a fast source of carbohydrate to provide immediate fuel to working muscles. Horleys Replace combines readily available carbs, along with hydration and electrolytes to replenish those lost in sweat. In other words, your endurance levels can be increased so you can go further while minimising risk of injury.

2. Salonpas Pain Relief Patch

Unless you have a butler that follows your every step, chances are you’re carrying your own massive backpack to get around. At first you may not feel the weight of your backpack due to the excitement of the trip but your sore muscles the next day will prove otherwise. Depending on your pain tolerance, body aches can either be annoying or downright torture. So, save yourself the trouble and bring along a few Salonpas Pain Relief Patches to relieve mild to moderate muscles aches and pains. What’s more, the patches even relieve your joints from strains, sprains, simple backaches, arthritis and bruises. Prevention is better than cure, after all!

3. Hansaplast Limited Edition Don’t Worry and Be Happy Plaster Strips

This is an absolute essential to any first-aid kit. Whether you’re hiking up the stairs towards a temple nestled in a mountainous region of South Korea or sand-surfing in Australia, there are bound to be minor injuries like cuts, grazes or blisters. Never leave an open wound unattended because it will lead to nasty infections. So keep a few plaster strips like the Hansaplast Limited Edition Don’t Worry and Be Happy handy for that early treatment for yourself, your friends and family or even fellow travelers you meet along the way.

4. Hurix’s Travel-Care Capsule

People say travelling is not about the destination but the journey. But when the journey gives you motion sickness, the magic is lost and all you can think about is “are we there yet?” Thanks to modern medicine, you can enjoy the entire trip with Hurix’s Travel-Care Capsule to prevent motion sickness when you’re travelling on land, sea or air. Produced from various types of natural herbs, it helps alleviate dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting.

5. Dr. Check Elastic Ankle Support

Strenuous activities like hiking and long walks or running on rough terrains pose a risk to ankle injuries that will leave you either limping or having to ask someone to carry you back to safety for treatment. Ankle ligaments, muscle and tendon units, and the bones of your ankle, create the internal support to keep your ankle safe. But any greater force of momentum or even a slight slip can break that support. One of the best ways to prevent such an incident is by using Dr. Check Elastic Ankle Guard, which provides firm external support while allowing your ankle a full range of movement and better stability. Be sure to get the right size that fits comfortably in your shoes and does not constrict your blood flow. For details, consult a physician, not the Internet!

6. Hair System By Watsons: Damage Repair Set

Frequent travellers know all too well how travelling to a new country affects their luscious locks. Prolonged exposure to sunlight, chemicals in the water supply and food poisoning are just few of the factors that contribute to hair damage. Imagine leaving the airport with that fabulous Alicia Keys ‘do’ only to wake up the next morning looking like Afroman. Yikes! While it’s important to keep your hair protected ahead of time, there’s still solution if the damage is done. Hair System By Watsons rescues and restores dry and damaged hair – the shampoo cleanses and nourishes the hair and scalp, and seals in moisture while the conditioner replenishes moisture and seals split ends. A working miracle for your adventure.

7. Watsons Magic Lip Balm SPF30

Lips are thin and have no oil glands so they tend to dry out easily. Dry, chapped lips can be annoying but will turn painful when they crack and bleed. The common cause is usually sun exposure but did you know getting on a plane can crack your pout, too? High altitudes cause our skin to dehydrate. Other than keeping yourself hydrated on board, be sure to keep Watsons Magic Lip Balm SPF30 handy. Enriched with Vitamin E, this lip balm nourishes the lips and prevents dryness including thermal ageing – skin damage caused by the sun, resulting in a wrinkled appearance overtime. For an added bonus, the lip balm also comes in a delicious pink tint to keep your lips looking healthy and natural.

8. Watsons Cool Mint Mouthwash

One of the exciting things to explore when travelling is the food culture. Sampling the food may be a gastronomic delight, but the aftermath may include breath so bad you could chase away the locals! That’s where Watsons Cool Mint Mouthwash comes in. With a 100ml bottle option, it fits easily in your pocket with more uses than those in big bottles. Not only is it easy to carry around to fight bad breath for hours, the small bottle saves you the trouble at airport security (read: liquid restrictions). If you’re travelling for a longer period, simply get more. At RM3.50 a pop, the alcohol-free mouthwash is cheaper than an airport coffee!

9. Watsons Anti-Bacterial Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser

Germs and bacteria may not be visible to the naked eye, but they are everywhere. Surfaces on public transportation like aircraft, trains and buses are breeding grounds for these infectious microbes. While it’s impossible to protect ourselves from airborne viruses, a tiny bottle of hand sanitiser goes a long way in keeping us free from germs on the things we touch. Using products such as the Watsons Anti-Bacterial Aloe Vera Hand Sanitiser can minimise the risk of contracting illnesses from mild colds to hand, foot and mouth disease.

10. Watsons Replenishing Essence Bath

Adventure holidays involve a lot of sweating, exposure to sand, dirt and mud, among others. Hotels and some hostels do provide toiletries, but their generic soaps don’t give you that good lather for a satisfying bath. So, you’re better off bringing your own shower gel. With its rich and luxurious formulation, Watsons Replenishing Essence Bath promises a long-lasting fragrance that will keep you fresh throughout the trip.

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