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10 of Our Favourite Raya Goodies, and Their Calories

Yes – finally the time has come for us to celebrate after a whole month of fasting! Now, on to the delicious homemade, mouthwatering tidbits that lay before us during the Raya festivities…

After all, one of the many things that comes to mind when one thinks of Raya (apart from the gorgeous baju rayas, family gathering and Raya songs) is the munchies that come with.

We’ve listed out all your (and our) favourite snacks and the calorie count for each one of them – just as a good-to-know thing. No pressure, really. Enjoy yourself! You can think about the repercussions after …

Honey Cornflakes

Image: Courtesy of Fazlina Bee Abdul Rashid

One of the most-loved breakfast cereals, honey and butter – how can you resist, especially with the way they shine in their golden glory. Not only is it easy to make, it is one of the tastiest out there. It is also why we’ve listed this first, because ask anyone, young or old, they wouldn’t give this a miss.

Calories: At least 130 calories per 30g

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Image: Pexels

So while these aren’t really considered traditional Raya cookies, they are easily one of the must-haves on the coffee or dining table. We have no doubts about its versatility and ability to please everyone (unless, of course, you don’t like chocolate – but that’s nearly impossible). You can get it almost anywhere, but this time we mean the homemade ones your mother, aunt or sister bakes because … well, they add int extra chocolate chips just like you requested.

Calories: About 78 calories per 16g

Pineapple Tarts

Image: Courtesy of @nelly_kawijaya

This one wins hearts even though you claim to dislike pineapples. Commonly known as Kuih Tart, these nibbles are not only present during Raya, but also during Deepavali and Chinese New Year. Just think of biting into the soft crust before tasting the fresh, sweet and sour pineapple filling inside, and you won’t be able to stop at just one. Or ten. Who knows?

Calories: About 74 calories per tart

Kuih Makmur (Ghee Balls)

Image: Courtesy of @bahthick_kk

Raya isn’t complete without at least one jar of kuih makmur hanging about the house. This peanut-filled, icing sugar-dusted delicacy normally comes in white or green but the variations taste just as divine. Its fragile texture is part of the charm, as it crumbles as soon as you bite into it. The trick is to just stuff the whole thing into your mouth and feel it melt slowly, just like how you do it when you think nobody is watching.

Calories: Approximately 157 calories per piece

Kuih Bangkit

Image: Courtesy of @delala_cookies

Kuih Bangkit or tapioca cookies are also one of those melts-in-the-mouth consistencies that we simply adore. Made from coconut milk, eggs, sugar, rice flour and tapioca flour, these delicate treats can be so addictive. Once you pop you cannot stop (a.k.a you don’t want to stop).

Calories: Around 23 calories per piece

Kek Lapis (Layered Cake)

Image: Courtesy of @teruna.keklapis

Although these come in vibrant and different colours, making it would require just four of the simplest ingredients – butter, egg, sugar and flour. Depending on your roots and your friends’ roots, you might get to try either the Kek Lapis Sarawak or Kek Lapis Indonesia. Either way, the Kek Lapis is never too old-fashioned to make it to our favourites list.

Calories: 157 calories per slice

Popiah (Springrolls)

Image: Courtesy of Pexels

Did somebody say deep-fried? Deep-fried popiah skin, chili, dried shrimp paste and spices, to be specific? Can you even resist?

Calories: 142 calories per piece

Spicy Tapioca Chips

Image: Courtesy of @sami_yeo

Just looking at pictures of the spicy tapioca chips would make your mouth water. Glazed with a sweet and spicy chili sauce and sprinkled with anchovies, the calories packed in this snack is enough to compensate for a full-blown meal.

Calories: About 315 calories per 35g

Kuih Batang Buruk

Image: Courtesy of @ita_ghani

Alright, so we never understood why this delicacy is called ‘ugly stick’ as per the literal translation from Malay to English, because it tastes amazing. There is nothing ugly at all about this tasty treat, especially with the green bean flavour it packs inside. To us, the Kuih Batang Buruk will always be beautiful, especially on the inside.

Calories: Around 38 calories per piece

Almond Cookies

Image: Courtesy of @nrlzlz

Go nuts for nuts and chocolate. What happens when you coat almonds with chocolate and top it all off with more almonds? You finishing the entire jar, of course.

Calories: Approximately 47 calories per piece

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Written by Kathlyn Ursula D'Souza

Professionally a journalist, personally a lover of all things fried chicken, Gogorn (her big black German Shepherd) and ice cream.

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