10 More Green Destinations Around The World (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of our top 20 list of green countries and cities around the world! Previously, we listed down 10 other destinations, which might pique your interest as well.

As we continue on our research and findings, we are more than happy to share that the list of green destinations is growing each year — and perhaps, as the list grows, we can update them accordingly here as well.

We hope that by reading this, you will be inspired to practise a sustainable lifestyle and make little changes that may contribute to the nation, and the world, in the long run.

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For now, let’s look at the other 10 countries that are giving us serious #sustainablegoals!

1. Chumbe Island

Image: Wikimedia Commons

We’ve heard the news about island tourism going bad (and we sure hope that this doesn’t ever happen to any other beautiful island ever again), but here’s a perfect example of island tourism done right. Chumbe Island is privately managed by an NGO, and is also home to one of the most splendid reefs in the world. Only selected (and very few guests) are allowed and invited to visit the island for the night, and if you thought you were going to go on Instagram or Netflix and chill, there’s no Wi-Fi, or TV here.

2. Switzerland

Image: Unsplash

Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world so it’s a given that the Swiss would fiercely protect their beautiful multi-coloured hills, snowy mountains and skiing spots through renewable energy, reduced emissions, improved water quality and maintenance of biodiversity. For this, they are currently ranked number one for sustainable tourism!

3. Bristol, England

Image: Unsplash

2015’s European Green Capital title winner has achieved the zero-waste-to-landfill status, a feat which is near impossible for other countries and cities around the world. But that hasn’t stopped them from progressing to better manage renewable energies. They are known for consuming the least amount of energy in the whole of England, and Bristol is also home to Skipchen, a restaurant that creates new dishes out of previously discarded ingredients.

4. The Isle of Eigg, Scotland

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Three parties came together to purchase this island — local residents, the Highland Council and the Scottish Wildlife Trust. Since then, the world’s first completely renewable electricity grid using the sun, water and wind was established. Their sustainable ecotourism also still makes it a haven for puffins, minke whales and golden eagles.

5. Uruguay

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Usually, this country is known for another kind of ‘green’. Despite being the first country to legalise marijuana, Uruguay is also all about turning wind, water and agricultural waste into energy — which generates 95% of the country’s electricity. Plus, its hippie scene is also beginning to lure tourists back into the most basic of lifestyles, sans electricity and roads, but with communal candlelit meals.

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6. Torri Superiore, Italy

Image: Wikimedia Commons

This eco-village, which is said to be around since the 13th century, has been restored using sustainable wood, environmentally friendly paint and locally sourced materials. There are only 20 permanent residents here, and they live among livestock, keep water heated through solar panels, use compostable toilets and grow their own food. Tourists are invited to stay and learn about sustainable living here, too.

7. Rwanda

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Every last Saturday of the month, Rwanda undergoes a national housekeeping day called ‘umuganda’, where even the president goes out to clean the streets! This compulsory day makes Rwanda the cleanest country in the world! This, along with their vision of reforesting 30% the country has seen endangered animals go back to thriving statuses. 

8. Freiburg, Germany

Image: Wikimedia Commons

After having rebuilt itself post-World War II, this small German town has everything within walking or biking distance. It is also required that each home not use more than 65 kilowatt-hours of heating energy per square meter per year. That’s 10 kilowatt-hours lower than most national standards. On top of that, almost all of the houses have solar panels, which produce more energy than what is consumed — earning the villagers extra euros!

9. Ecuador

Image: Unsplash

Ecuador is the first country to establish laws concerning nature’s rights. Apart from boasting ownership of a huge part of the Amazonian rainforest, Ecuador is also the winner of the World Travel Award’s Leading Green Destination for six years in a row now. Offering some of the best eco-lodges in the world, this country is also one of the most biodiverse in the world.

10. Azores Islands

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Made up of nine volcanic islands, this particular destination was part of the Sustainable Destinations Global Top 100 list. By harnessing wind, geothermal energy and biomass, the islands power 28% of electricity and are currently working on the world’s first 100% renewable grid. There are also a number of protected areas here, which include the UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and European Geoparks.

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