10 Golden Rules When Travelling by Public Transport

As traffic in the city becomes increasingly congested, public transportation, especially the MRTs and LRTs have become an easy and efficient choice for those commuting to and from work. Commuting by public transportation, however, comes with its own set of challenges. You’ll have to wrestle with the massive crowds during rush hour, occasional delays and having to stand for the entire duration of your journey. 

As if that’s not arduous enough, there are some people who make your journey even more unpleasant. So while these rules have been said many times before, we feel the need to iterate them because evidently, many people don’t know the basics of commuting by public transport.

Rule #1

Allow People to Get out before Making Your Way In

This is a simple rule but one that many do not adhere to. Always allow people to get out of the train first and only once everyone has cleared out, do you make your way in. 

Rule #2

Queue up before You Get into the Train

Make sure you queue up and get into the train in an orderly fashion. We’re civilised human beings, not savages!

Rule #3

Use Headphones

Whether you’re listening to music, playing a game or watching your favourite show on Netflix, make sure you put on headphones or earphones. No one wants to hear whatever it is you’re listening to. In fact, it is annoying to everyone around you. 

And while we’re on the topic, please do not set your volume to the maximum setting. Again no one wants to hear whatever it is you’re listening to. 

Rule #4

Give up Your Seats to Those Who Need It More

Pregnant women, people with kids, the elderly and the differently-abled all need the seat more than you so don’t be a jerk and pretend to be asleep or glued to your phone. 

Rule #5

Don’t Hog the Seats

No matter how expensive your backpack is, it DOES NOT deserve its own seat. Put it on your lap, on the floor or if they are available, on the overhead compartments. 

Rule #6

Talk Softly

Whether you are on the phone or talking to the person next to you, the entire coach does not want to hear about how awful your boss was that day. People who talk loudly are rude and have utter disrespect for the people around them. 

Rule #7

Don’t Lean against the Pole

On a crowded train, please do not rest your whole body on the pole. It’s there for commuters to hold on to so that they don’t fall over if the train suddenly jerks. Leaning your whole body against the pole is a real d**k move. 

Rule #8 

No Manspreading

Don’t encroach on people’s personal space, especially when you’re on a train or a bus. And if you think manspreading makes you look macho, guess again!

Rule #9

Don’t Be a Pervert

Whether it means feeling up someone, taking photos of other commuters without their knowledge or blatantly staring at other people, the answer is NO! Do not do any of these. The first one can also land you in jail (where you belong, you perv!).

Rule #10

Don’t Block the Exit

Move away from the exit when the train reaches a stop that’s not yours. If you need to, get out of the bus or train until everyone has got out and then you can get back in.  

*The team had a good time doubling as actors for the photographs in this article. No commuters were harmed, disturbed or annoyed in the course of this shoot.

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Written by Gregory Basil

Greg takes joy in writing press releases and has an almost unhealthy obsession with Sydney and nasi lemak.

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